Our experts in redevelopment

Each member of Brownfields’ team of experts has over 15 years’ experience in remediation, real estate and the environment.

viterboPatrick Viterbo
Owner and President

Patrick Viterbo started his career in the French EPA. He worked for 7 years in the chemical group Rhône-Poulenc, with various management positions in France and abroad. In 1997 Patrick joined the environmental services arm of the Suez Group. He was the CEO of Teris, one of the leading providers of hazardous waste treatment and remediation in Europe from 1999 to 2004. Prior to founding Brownfields, he worked as a partner within 3i, a European leader in private equity. Patrick graduated as an Engineer from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris ans the Paris School of Mines.

bouchelaghemAbdelkrim Bouchelaghem
Owner and CEO

Abdelkrim Bouchelaghem started as a research engineer in Soletanche, a civil works company focused on special foundations. He then joined the Suez Group where was from 1999 to 2005 the Managing Director of SITA Remediation, the European leader in remediation services, with business in France, Benelux, Germany, Spain and Italy. In this position he managed numerous large remediation projects including the full clean-up of a Shell refinery in Norway, or the remediation of a former chemicals plant in Spolana, Check Republic.

vermonetJean-Guy Vermonet
Owner and CEO

Jean-Guy Vermonet spent most of his career within the chemical industry, where he held numerous management positions within Rhône-Poulenc, presently Rhodia, in areas such as engineering plastics, biomedical equipment and basic chemicals. In 2000 he became involved with environmental services a Managing Director of Teris and Chairman of SITA Remediation. Jean-Guy now uses his vast business experience as Chairman of our project companies. Jean-Guy graduated as a chemical engineer from ESPCI, and holds management degrees from IEA and CEDEP (INSEAD).

LarraldePierre Larralde
Senior Partner

Pierre Larralde started in banking , as a wealth manager and specialist in real estate project financing within BNP. From 1998 to 2004 he was an independent real estate advisor and managed numerous developments in residential or commercial real estate. From 2004 to 2009 he managed a subsidiary of the construction group Fayat. Pierre joined Brownfields as Commercial Director in 2010.

o'neillEmmanuel O’Neill
Senior Partner

Emmanuel O’Neill spent most of his career in hazardous waste management companies, the french SITA and the spanish TRADEBE with various management positions in France, Spain and Canada. He joined Brownfields in April 2015 as Investment Director and in charge of sourcing industrial sites. Emmanuel graduated from Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Paris (IEPP).

ThébaultBéatrice Thébault
Senior Partner

Béatrice Thébault started in a social housing Company and quickly went to manage large urban development projects during 8 years as project manager in two of the french big players : Seeri-Seri and Nexity. Since 1998, Béatrice was deputy CEO for housing promotion within BNP Paribas Immobilier. Béatrice joined Brownfields in September 2015.

BullaMichel Sengsuwan
Senior Adviser

Michel Sengsuwan started in career in 1974 in a RE subsidiary of Paribas group, then in different RE departments of financial Institutions (BAII-Banque Arabe International d’Investissements, an Arab bank based in Paris, BIMP (Michelin group) and CDR-defeasance organization of Crédit Lyonnais. Michel joined in 1998 the European office of Colony Capital, the predecessor of Colony NorthStar and was focused on Real Estate developments (office buildings and hotels) in France and Spain. Since 2015, Michel is Senior Advisor of Colony NorthStar and Brownfields Gestion.

marceauGérard Marceau
Expert on environment

Gerard Marceau started as export sales engineer in ALSTHOM NEYRTEC, a company specialised in mining equipment, and was appointed in the USA in 1984 as Managing Director . He then joined Spie Batignolles in 1991 to start a new company ICF environnement, focused in environnemental and remediation services. He has been acting as General manager for the last 15 years and has supervised several hundreds of remediation projects of former industrial sites. Since 2016 Gerard is Senior Advisor of Brownfields Gestion.

allainGwénaëlle Allain
Financial Officer

Gwénaëlle Allain started her career in 1989 as non-commissioned officer in the french navy. She was trained as a chartered accountant in 1999, and has worked for several companies in the private sector in Rennes and Paris before she joined Brownfields in 2007 where she is in charge of administration and finance.