The rehabilitation of former industrial sites in Sevran, France – Brownfields

About the project :

Client :
The commune of Sevran & Cardo AB
Previous activity :
Rail components factory
Project :
Housing, managed residences and businesses
Location :
Sevran, France

Redeveloping former industrial sites and developing a new entrance to the town: this was the challenge taken up by Brownfields in Sevran, France.

This property, formerly owned by Cardo AB and bought by Brownfields in 2008, had been brownfield land for nearly 10 years. Initially classified as commercial property, the land was reclassified as buildable residential property as part of a larger project that included a neighboring property owned by the commune of Sevran.

This new neighborhood, located just next to the Freinville tram station, will mark the entrance to Sevran from the commune of Livry-Gargan. It includes residences with ownership programs, social housing, managed residences (for students and young workers) and businesses that will facilitate life in the neighborhood around the tram station square. The total floor space will be 60,000 square meters.

The building permit for the first phase of the program was granted in December 2015.

In a first step, vital to the success of the overall redevelopment, Brownfields has carried out the following work since 2010 :

– Cleanup – asbestos removal – demolition of existing installations

– Environmental study to determine the best approach to cleanup

– Rehabilitation of property located on either side of Boulevard Westinghouse

Brownfields has hence demonstrated its flexibility and its ability to approach each project in a comprehensive way, by acquiring two brownfield sites that share a common history of contamination so they can be incorporated into a large-scale building operation with the real estate developers Cogedim.