Conversion of a service station into an office building in Lyon, France

About the project :

Client :
Previous activity :
Service station
Project :
Office building
Location :
Boulevard Marius Vivier-Merle in Lyons, France
Type of contamination :

Transforming a decommissioned service station into a buildable plot for office space: this was the challenge taken up by Brownfields in Lyons on a half hectare of land at 77, boulevard Marius Vivier-Merle. The building, Terralta, to be constructed by the real estate investment company EUROSIC, will offer 10,000 square meters of office space.

This half-hectare plot of land, formerly operated by Shell as a service station, was rehabilitated by Brownfields so that it could be redeveloped for commercial use. The company then sold the rehabilitated, and now buildable, land to the real estate investment company EUROSIC, which will construct an office building with 10,000 square meters of floor space by incorporating neighboring property that EUROSIC also owns. The project further confirms Brownfields’ involvement in rehabilitating former industrial sites in urban areas and its contribution to the economic growth of cities.

The project’s key points are :

  • 1. The integrated project concept of development and cleanup, including purchasing the site and taking over rehabilitation obligations
  • 2. The increase in buildable land inside the city
  • 3. The development of new value-added activities